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    How to move record to new database based on field



      How to move record to new database based on field


      Sorry for the tons of noob questions!

      Is it possible to move a record from one database to another, based on a field entry.

      We have a "Status" field for our church.

      We have a "No longer attending" status, and we would like to keep their information in another database, not the main one? 

      Is there a way to automatically move it to the other database once I mark it as "No Longer Attending"?


      Maybe a better way to do it would have a button appear (via a portal which I do know how to do) that says "Move record", once I mark it "No longer attending". 

      How do I setup that button to move the record to a new database?


      Thanks a ton!

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          There are several ways to move data from one table to another. (These methods are the same whether both tables are in the same file or different files)

          But the best way to "move" such records is to leave them where they are instead of moving them to a different table. There are any number of ways you can hide these records from view, filtered portals, filtered relationships, Finds that omit records with this value... so you don't really need to remove them from your current table at all and should they return to your congregation, you can simply change the value in this field to once again see them in your reports, on layouts and so forth with no need to move the records to another table.

          Ways to move data from one table to another:

          Import Records can import the found set of records--which can be just one record from one table to another.

          If there is a relationship between the two tables linking exactly one record in the target table to exactly one record in the source table, you can set up looked up value settings on all your fields save the ID field, then use a script with a variable or script parameter to capture the ID number in the source table and then your script can create a new record imn the target table simply by creating a new record and copying the ID number from the script parameter or variable.

          You can also pass all the data from all the fields from one table to another by copying the data into a group of variables or combining all the data into a large delmitted block of text passed as a script parameter. This then becomes the same method as the previous, but no looked up values or relationship are used as all the data is copied from variables or extracted from the script parameter in order to enter the date into the individual fields of the new record.

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                 Makes a ton of sense....

                 I ended up setting up some buttons at the top, connected to scripts which perform the find operations.

                 When I load my layout, it omits Not Attending, but I have a button setup to show only not attending.

                 Thanks a ton! It's coming together!