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How to narrow search using pop-up or drop-down menus?

Question asked by cirobruno on Nov 13, 2012
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How to narrow search using pop-up or drop-down menus?



     Dear sirs
     I'd like to implement a search interface using pop-up or drop down menus. The idea is providing user more comfort to select a record in a very wide table.
     I'm using for example a customers' database, using three fields as search key fields: "company", "first name" and "last name". Assuming that a big company should have just one (or a few) with all three matching names and that the user normally keep these information in mind, I think that's a good way of searching.
     Back to my task, I'd like to place these three fields for search in such a way that since I fill one of them ("company", as an example), the remaining fields would show only records that match the first criteria. Then I select an option in the second field ("first name", for example) and the third will present the remaining options of registers that match the first two criteria.
     Sorry for my bad English. Have I been able to explain it clearly?
     Last, but not least, what's the difference between drop-down and pop-up menus?
     Thank you.