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How to navigate between two tables with portal

Question asked by micromd on Mar 30, 2013
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How to navigate between two tables with portal


     I am designing an electronic medical record for a surgeon who has both office visit records and hospital admission records.

     Each hospital record has multiple hospital visits. All these records are in chronological order for each patient  i.e. when there an office visit, there is no hospital addmission or vice versa. For example, the listing as follows:

     Office visit 01/10/2013

     Office visit 12/10/2012

     Office visit 10/12/2012

     Hospital admission 09/10/2012 which has multiple hospital visits

     Office visit 08/14/2012

     Office visit 05/22/2012

     Hospital admission 02/10/2012


     I would appreciate it very much if someone can help me to create a portal so that when a portal row is chosen, the corresponding office visit record or hospital record will show up. My relationships of the tables are as shown below: