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    How to omit others



      How to omit others


      Sometimes in browse mode I want to omit all records but the current one.  Is there an "omit others" command?  I see the omit current command, but not omit all others, so my found set is just the current record.

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          It's actually a three step thing:


          Show all records (may or may not be needed depending if you're in a found set or not)

          Omit current

          Show omitted only



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               Thanks.  Too many steps, but it works.
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              This is so stupid. Isolating a record is one of the most common and important actions there is and it simply makes no sense whatsoever that there is no better way to handle this.

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                This is one time an 'extra' relationship is handy (table to itself on primaryKey = primaryKey).


                • you can GTRR (go to related record), thus isolating the record

                • you can stay on the same layout

                • you can open in new window (or not) - if you open a new window, you don't lose your existing found set in the original window.

                • you can go to another layout based on the same table (or not)


                If I need this functionality, I take advantage.


                Alternate. Make a global field for the relationship (same table), then you can set the primaryKey in the global.

                • you can follow all above

                • or you can place more than ONE primaryKey (return delimited) and be able to isolate a found set.