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    How to open another database



      How to open another database


      Thank you very much for reading this.  I would like to write a script that will open up another database and go to a layout in that database.  It has been a long time since I have used Filemaker Pro but I have done this before with an older version.  I am using version 9 now. 

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          make a helper-script in "another database" that simpy does a "goto layout whatiwant", and call this script from your first database. done.


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            Dear Kapitaen,


            Thank you very much.  It has been years but I was once very good at scripts, made some very cool ones that could do fake portals before portals were possible.  Anyway, Filemaker pro 9 had me all freaked out because it took me 45 minutes to just figure out how to make a relationship.  Then I was having a mind melt down after that trying to figure out this simple task.  Now everything is rushing back to me.  You sparked my memory.   I appreciate your input.