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    How to open Excel in FileMaker?



      How to open Excel in FileMaker?


      I´m having problem opening Excel in Filemaker.


      I have an Excel-document which I want to have as a link in FileMaker. I create an object in FileMaker and link to my Excel-document, and it works in layout mode, but when I go to the user mode (don´t know the english term) the document is only showed as a picture. How do I do to make the link work in user mode?


      The thing is that I want the Excel-document to be visable in every post, if I create it in a container it only works in one post.



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          user mode(named by yourself) is called browse mode

          two question about your item:

          1.Do you want to show the file content or only excel icon in browse mode?

          2.one excel document in every post or each excel in each post?

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            1. I only want to show the Excel icon i browse mode, and I can do this by choosing "display as icon" (again I don´t know what the term is in the englisdh version of FileMaker) in the menu where I choose which Excel document I want to link to.


            2. I want one Excel document in every post.


            The thing is that I just want this Excel docemunet as a shortcut to the document. The reason is that at my job we use one Excel document for one specifik thing, and I just want to make it easier for my collegues to work with both Filemaker and Excel. But I can´t seem to get it to work in browse mode, even though it works perfectlhy in layout mode.



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              Hi vv_sfi,


              if I understand correct, you want a record for each excel-document and in that record you wish store a link to a excel-document and you want your users to be able to open that document from filemaker?


              If that's the case you could try the following approach:


              1) create a field of the type "container" (you have not mentioned your language, but from the list of field-types it would be the 6th choice :smileyhappy:) and give it a for you meaningful name and put the field on the userlayout.


              2) In browse-mode you just drop a file on to the field a copy of that file would be copied into the record. Other users would simply just double-click on the containerfield to open and edit the document in the containerfield. When you don't have to many - and not lo large excel-files that would be okay, but it is more advisable to just store references to a file To do simply right-click on the container-field and choose "insert file" from the menu that shows up (that would be the 7th choice), choose the excel-file and select the "Store only a reference to the file"-option before you click on the "OK"-button.

              Make sure however that all users can access this file using the exact same network-path (including yourself), I just suppose the reasons for that are obvious.


              This would work fine in a single-OS network, however in a hybrid-network you'd be better of using a plugin for manipulating files (for example troi-file, file-manipulator or zipp-script) but I guess that's off-topic here  :smileywink:


              regards, Menno

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                   Hi menno,


                thanks for your help. But i still have one problem:


                using a container does work for showing and using the excel document, but while the container is visable in all posts the excel document is only accessable in the post that I had open when I created the link in the container.


                How do I do the make the excel document visable and usable in all posts?


                My Filemaker language is swedish, so I dont know if i´m accurate in the term post, so I attach a image with what i mean with posts.





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                  poster = record in English ;)


                  I understood that you wanted a seperate excel-document for each record (poster). Isn't that what you were looking for? Were you looking for a general way to open Excel with a certain document instead?


                  regards, Menno

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                       I´m looking for a way to open one Excel document in all records. I have a excel file which I want to link to an all records. So the Excel document is the same for all records.
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                      Okay in that case you could create one related record that is accessible from every other record. Put the related (container-field) on the layout and keep the rest exactly as i posted before.


                      That should dothe trick


                      regards, Menno