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how to option to over-ride auto-fill function

Question asked by bharry on Aug 20, 2009
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how to option to over-ride auto-fill function


Just getting a grasp on the software, but coming along quite fast.


I am trying to define a field so that it will auto-fill information when another field has had data entered, then have the option to modified the field to any value.


I have gotten fields in a purchase order to auto-fill address and contact information referenced from the company name that is selected, getting the information from a separate contact database. I am now looking to be able to do the same thing with equipment, having the specifications, description, and price auto-fill referenced from a product number that is selected, again getting information from a separate equipment database, but I would then like to be able to enter a different price or description into the same field than what is initially being referenced from the separate equipment database.


Basically I would like to have my cake and eat it too. If anyone knows of a way this is possible, or impossible for that matter, I would love to know.