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    How to overcome auto-complete one line issue ?



      How to overcome auto-complete one line issue ?




      I have one field with 3 lines in it - company name, city and zips. How to make auto-complete working on the three lines simultaneously? 


      I tried making separate fields for everything different tables, relations, but it gets more and more complex and didn't work in the same as auto-field.


      Any ideas ? 

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          "...it gets more and more complex and didn't work in the same as auto-field."

          Yet your "auto-field" didn't work either right?


          Can you spell out in much more detail what you are trying to do here?


          Can you explain why you want all this disparate data to be in a single field?

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            Hello Stanley, and welcome to the forum.


            I do apologise for the late post and for the lack of suggestions to your issue.


            Allow me to explain that FM creates an internal Value List based on the contents in the selected field to be used in auto-complete. However, if the field contains info separated by carriage returns, each piece of text before and/or after a carriage return will constitute a different or (better say) independent and unique value in that Value List. This means that each line in your field is a unique value in the list that FM refers to, and not the record contents.


            You can test this if you setup your field to display a Drop-down list and create a Value List to display values from that field. You’ll be able to see each line of your field as a different value in the list.


            I strongly recommend that you use separate fields for your Company Name, City and zips. It will be easier to manipulate data in future as your database grows.


            But…   If you really, really, really need to keep those values together in the same field and use of auto-complete, then I suggest that you use only 1 line and separate you info with commas as in “Company, City, Zip”. This way, the auto-complete will work for the whole line.


            Best wishes