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How to override ODBC mySQL NOT EMPTY fields ?

Question asked by LouisVeillette on Mar 5, 2011
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How to override ODBC mySQL NOT EMPTY fields ?


I'm in FM 11, and using actual technologies plugin, I can connect fine to my mySQL DBs.

However, when I edit a row in a DB that has a NOT NULL setting, FM will complain when validating that record, if it happens that there's an empty field with that NOT NULL property set.

So far I couldn't find a way to override that warning (even though there seems to be a setting to that effect somewhere) and this is driving me nuts, since _I have to Force-Quit FieMaker_.

The easy workaround would be to modify those field properties directly in the mySQL DB, but they belong to Joomla tables, and these probably have been set like this for a reason by someone else than me, so I risk creating more problems than I will solve by doing this.

It would be much simpler to be able to override these in FM, although, since this problem has been around since FM9, I guess there must be a way to do it and I maybe haven't found it.