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    How to override Zoom/View Status icons



      How to override Zoom/View Status icons


      Using FMP 10 Advanced and FMP 10 Server.


      I want to have control/response to users clicking in the zoom/view status area in the lower-left corner of the FMP window. How can I override the response to the user clicking in these areas? Have assembled a custom menu set and installed it.  If I remove the menu items from my menu set the zoom no longer works, but the view status still functions (odd). I'd like to completely inhibit the "view status" and to override the zoom functions so that I can also resize the window to fit the zoomed layout.



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          You are on the right track with custom menus - that is the only way to intercept the user action - one exception is the Zoom Toggle on the far left - FMI has not yet provided a custom menu for that button - wish they would.


          Anyway - you will need to allow or disallow the action by means of a script that is called by you overriding the standard menu items of the "View" menu in favor of your new script.


          I use a single script with parameter to keep it all in one place called "custom menu assist"


          Hope this helps. 


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               Thanks. Adding the View Status menu back to my custom menus and changing its function did the trick. Interesting that removing View Status doesnt...