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How to Parse next row

Question asked by firebase on Jun 9, 2014
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How to Parse next row


     I am using a custom function called ParseData

     Now i am trying to parse a table from an old web page which looks like this


          <td style="font-size:11pt;">produkt code1</td><td class="produkt">produkt1</td><td>111.00</td><td>222.00</td>

          <td style="font-size:11pt;">produkt code2</td><td class="produkt">produkt1</td><td>333.00</td><td>444.00</td>

     I want to parse "produkt code 1", "produkt 1", "111.00", 222.00"

     I encapsulated this custum function several times to get on the further data (the numbers) where there was no unique values like

     <td style="font-size:11pt;">

     So after having some pain with debugging this encapsulation errors parsing the first row works.


          ParseData ( Test::DebugOutput;"<td style=\"font-size:11pt;\">";"</td>";1)&"¶¶"&
          ParseData ( Test::DebugOutput;"<td class=\"produkt\">";"</td>";1 )&"¶¶"&
          ParseData (Test::DebugOutput; (ParseData (Test::DebugOutput;"<td class=\"produkt\">";"</td>";1 )&"</td><td>");"</td>";1)&"¶¶"&
          ParseData (Test::DebugOutput;
          (ParseData (Test::DebugOutput; (ParseData (Test::DebugOutput;"<td class=\"produkt\">";"</td>";1 )&"</td><td>");"</td>";1)&"</td><td>")
          ; "</td>" ;1 )

     But how can i move to the next lines without doing hundreds of encapsulations of encapsulation which i will be surely not able do debug for sure.

     So i want to get data like this

     "produkt code 1", "produkt 1", "111.00", 222.00"

     "produkt code 2", "produkt 2", "333.00", 444.00"

     "produkt code 3", "produkt 3", "555.00", 666.00"

     and so on.

     The webpage is holding about100 values.