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How to parse out a text field?

Question asked by AreliLopez on Sep 12, 2011


How to parse out a text field?


I have a text field called "Reference Designators". Each record field contains multiple reference designators. For example one record field can contain: "C1-C4, C8, C11, C15". I want to parse out each reference designator and put them in a value list. The different delimiters are: " ", "," and "-"..For the reference designators that are in the format: "C1-C4", I want to parse out as:





followed by the rest of the reference designators. I used the substitute function to substitute each space and comma character for a carriage return, but I don't know how to deal when the format is: "C1-C4". How can I separate them and put each individual reference designator in a value list? Is scripting a better way to go than using a calculation field to show the results? I am new to scripting so I am not sure.