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    How to perform search and generate results list.



      How to perform search and generate results list.




      I am new to FM and have been working at it all day!  I am trying to use the program to help me match up students with college scholarships they are eligible for.  I have created one database with two tables (Students and Scholarships) and have entered about 4 records for each one.  The Students table has 29 fields, and the Scholarships table has 34 fields.


      I want to be able to pick a specific student (I'm guessing I could choose the unique Student ID number?) from the Students table and have FM use that student's information to search through the Scholarships table and generate a list of every scholarship that student is eligibile for, along with that scholarship's deadline date.  Here's what I'd like the final report to look like:



      (Student Name and Date of Report at top of page)


      ABC Scholarship          03/31/2010

      DEF Scholarship          04/14/2010

      GHI Scholarship           04/03/2010

      JKL Scholarship           03/31/2010



      I've tried using the Find feature, but I don't want to have to reenter the search criteria from the student's record in order to find the scholarships.  I want to be able to "choose" a student's record so that FM will automatically generate a list of matching scholarships from the second table.


      Sorry if I have not used the correct terminology, but I am VERY new to this!


      Thanks so much!


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          You could build a relationship that matches selected fields in the student table with fields in the scholarship table. The matching scholarships could be listed in a portal and scripts could be devised so that clicking a listed scholarship brings up the full scholarship record.


          Your relationship can use inequality operators for range data (as you've described in another thread) and you can pair up multiple fields so that all relevant criteria is used to match the student data against the scholarship requirements.


          Another option is to write a script that performs the find for you by capturing relevant data from the selected student data in either variables or global fields and then using this data to build and perform the find.


          In rough outline this script would work like this:


          Set variable [$Criteria1; Value: StudentTable::Field1]

          Set Variable [$Criteria2; Value: StudentTable::Field2]

          Go to Layout [Scholarships (Scholarships)]

          Enter FInd Mode[]

          Set field [Scholarships::Field1Min; "> " & $Criteria1]

          Set FIeld [Scholarships::Field1Max ; "< " & $Criteria1]

          Set Field [Scholarships::Field2 ; $Criteria2]

          Set Error Capture [on]

          Perform Find[]

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            Thanks Phil, but I think I'm in way over my head now!  I felt pretty good yesterday after creating the database and my tables and fields, but now I'm completely lost about what to do next and unfortunately, I don't know anything about scripts and portals.  Maybe I will just try to find somebody to hire that can set it up for me.


            I really appreciate all your help though!



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              Check the little white envelope icon in the upper left corner. With a post like that you'll likely receive a number of offers from consultants who want your business.