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How to perform search and generate results list.

Question asked by trevmeister55 on Mar 31, 2010
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How to perform search and generate results list.




I am new to FM and have been working at it all day!  I am trying to use the program to help me match up students with college scholarships they are eligible for.  I have created one database with two tables (Students and Scholarships) and have entered about 4 records for each one.  The Students table has 29 fields, and the Scholarships table has 34 fields.


I want to be able to pick a specific student (I'm guessing I could choose the unique Student ID number?) from the Students table and have FM use that student's information to search through the Scholarships table and generate a list of every scholarship that student is eligibile for, along with that scholarship's deadline date.  Here's what I'd like the final report to look like:



(Student Name and Date of Report at top of page)


ABC Scholarship          03/31/2010

DEF Scholarship          04/14/2010

GHI Scholarship           04/03/2010

JKL Scholarship           03/31/2010



I've tried using the Find feature, but I don't want to have to reenter the search criteria from the student's record in order to find the scholarships.  I want to be able to "choose" a student's record so that FM will automatically generate a list of matching scholarships from the second table.


Sorry if I have not used the correct terminology, but I am VERY new to this!


Thanks so much!