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How to populate existing records with serail number

Question asked by LeMarque on Dec 20, 2009
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How to populate existing records with serail number


Some background.


Never used FM before. I'm creating a web site for a client that requires that THEY export to csv and then import to the CMS. They don't have a vendor or consultant for FM.


The CMS will create a record number if none exists believing that it is a new record.  The cms will accept a record number in the import csv.


They client may be making changes or additions to their FM database for an already existing entry thats been previously exported and uploaded to the web cms.


I read the tutorial about creating a serial number. Question I have is, say we start at 301. How do I get FM to populate the existing records (in this case called Licensees) starting at 301 and then increment by one any new records created.


Hope I'm clear. Thanks in advance for asny assitance.