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how to position right record

Question asked by wisdomz on Oct 9, 2013
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how to position right record



     I used Filemaker Starter Solution to generate a meeting minutes file. but, I need a instantly input method for the topic content, let us to name the quickly input as template. I put more button on the topic window.

     assume I press yellow color botton,  I will append some topic question into the topic field, I press blue color botton, I will append some others topic question into the topic field, it saved us more time to input.

     it can work very well when my meeting only have one topic.  if the meeting have two topics, the script always append the topic template into 1st topic record.  how to resolve it .

     I paste my script , when I press colored button, the script will be triggered



     Set Variable [ $$recorderno ; Value:Get(RecordID) ]
     Go to Field [ Data | Topics::Text ]
     Set Variable [ $$des ; Value:Data | Topics::Text & "RD engineers:"&¶&
     "CPU:"&¶ ]
     Open Record/Request
     Set Field [ Data | Topics::Text[$$recorderno] ; $$des ]