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    how to position right record



      how to position right record



           I used Filemaker Starter Solution to generate a meeting minutes file. but, I need a instantly input method for the topic content, let us to name the quickly input as template. I put more button on the topic window.

           assume I press yellow color botton,  I will append some topic question into the topic field, I press blue color botton, I will append some others topic question into the topic field, it saved us more time to input.

           it can work very well when my meeting only have one topic.  if the meeting have two topics, the script always append the topic template into 1st topic record.  how to resolve it .

           I paste my script , when I press colored button, the script will be triggered



           Set Variable [ $$recorderno ; Value:Get(RecordID) ]
           Go to Field [ Data | Topics::Text ]
           Set Variable [ $$des ; Value:Data | Topics::Text & "RD engineers:"&¶&
           "CPU:"&¶ ]
           Open Record/Request
           Set Field [ Data | Topics::Text[$$recorderno] ; $$des ]




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               A recordID and a repeating field's repetition number are not the same thing.

               Set Variable [ $$recorderno ; Value:Get(RecordID) ]

               gets the internal serial number of the current record on the current layout and puts it in a variable named $$recordderno.

               But then in the last script step:

               Set Field [ Data | Topics::Text[$$recorderno] ; $$des ]

          [$$recorderno] refers to a specific field repetition, not to a specific record. So if Get ( RecordID ) returned 23456 in the first step, your last step is attempting to enter data into repetition number 23456 of the Text field.

               I don't see a repeating field here. Nor do I see more than a single Notes record here so I do not understand what you mean by:


                    the script always append the topic template into 1st topic record.

               PS, the script steps, Go to field and Open Record/Request are not needed in your script.

               Also, the translated English of your post is difficult to read. You may need to get someone to help you with the translation.


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                 In the Meeting Minutes Project, Meeting table is master , Topic table is slave.

                 We have existing questoin template for Topic entry.  user input the topic one by one,  during they input topic, they can press different button to get different question.

                 when the meeting recorder only link a topic record,  the system work very well.

                 when the meeting recorder have over 2 topic record link, the layout shows that the meeting master record have 2 record. the system always paste the template test into first one "topic recorder" not current "topic record".

                 my question is How to active the current "topic record"


                 thank you



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                   Did you start with the Meeting Starter solution from FileMaker 12?

                   Is your Topic table the table named Data in this solution? (There are three table occurrence boxes for this table in Manage | Database | Relationships named "Data", "Data | Action Items" and "Data | Topics".)

                   From what I can see in your screen shot, I believe that the answer is yes to both questions, but need to be sure.

                   If I have understood your description correctly, the issue appears to be the fact that your script steps refer to "Data | Topics::Text" instead of "Data::Text". This error is found in both the set variable and set field steps. While Data | Topics and Data refer to the same table, your layout is based on "data", not Data | Topics and thus using this reference is referring to data in a related record instead of the current record shown on the layout.