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How to Post to a website?

Question asked by on Dec 31, 2013


How to Post to a website?



     Would like any advise on how to open a webviewer and post a tracking number from field "BL Number" to website


I think i found the form info from this site (see below) but how do i get Filemaker to open the URL, then enter & submit the BL number? this way i can go from record to record and gather the info needed.

his function provides "Quick Tracking" and "Multiple Tracking". If you are a registered customer, you may go to "<a href="/servlet/">Member Tracking</a>"            as well.        </td></tr>    </table><br>    <form name="frmCargo" method="post" action="/servlet/" onKeyPress="return frmSubmit(event,1)">        <input type="hidden" name="BL">        <input type="hidden" name="CNTR">        <input type="hidden" name="bkno">        <input type="hidden" name="TYPE">