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    how to prevent data being entered



      how to prevent data being entered


      But what if they have to answer 'Yes, 'No' or 'Don't know' to the first question (Pa Inf Maternal) so it's not that the Pa Inf Maternal field is empty, it will have data in it, but they shouldn't  enter data into the 'blood test' field if they've entered 'No' or 'don't know' into the Pa Inf Maternal field.

      thanks so much for your help with earlier question re: Visit dates.

      My next question relates to how i can prevent a field from having data entered into it if a previous field has been answered 'no' or how can i just get it validated so that a message appears to say that since they answered no to previous question, they shouldn't be entering data into this field.

      e.g. if 'Pa Inf Maternal' has been answered yes , then they should not be entering data into 'Blood test' field.

      hope this is clear.