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    How to Prevent File Copying



      How to Prevent File Copying


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a database that I am trying to provide access to but restrict what certain people can do.


      I have enabled the accounts so that when people open the file, they log in and their access level stops them from "save a copy as" and Export data. All good so far, works perfectly


      Trouble is the file has to be shared on the computer so that the different users on different user accounts can access it, which means they can just navigate to it and then copy it. 


      Is there away around this?


      Many Thanx


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             You should have OS level access to the file off anyway. Your users should never have access to the file directly but rather via Open Remote.
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            That sounds like exactly what I need. Can you explain to me how to do that. I'd really appreciate it.


            Many Thanx


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                 Dont give network access to the file. The file should remain open and that box becomes the host. Everyone else should connect with their own FileMaker Pro using the Open Remote option. I would suggest reading up on the Peer to Peer section of the documentation for further details if you havent already.
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                Ok I'll do some reading on the remote option


                Just FYI this is all on one machine that just has different user accounts and the file is on the main admins account. Only one person is ever logged on at once.


                Does your suggestion still work with this situation 

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                  Steve Wright

                  What OS are you using.


                  Are you trying to prevent them copying the file off the machine, say to a USB Memory stick or CD ? 

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                    No and I dont think of a way to protect someone from copying the file if its being used that way. This is more a OS question than a FileMaker one.


                    I would guess that one has OS rights to read and write to a file then they will have access to copy it as well. As a matter of fact they probably only need read access. Perhaps there are 3rd party products out there.

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                      I'm using OS X 10.6. and at the moment it seems that if you leave the access as read only, you can enter data but you can also copy the file to anywhere. If I restrict it to no access then obviously the database won't open. 


                      Can i do it with Open Remote when the fie is on the same machine?


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                           In a typical setup, one box would serve as the host and other people would connect to the host with their own copy of FileMaker Pro using Open Remote. What you are trying to do is have various users just open the file without sharing being used. This is not a setup I would recommend. If you dont have additional copies of Pro, then perhaps the other users can use IWP ( Instant Web Publishing ) to connect to the db.