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    How to print question



      How to print question


      The goal is allow a teacher to print their classes with each class's students. A teacher can have 1 to 16 classes. A Class can have 1 to 28 students.

      With the body copy which must appear on every sheet there can be a  max of 7 Students per sheet. Each class must begin with a new sheet.

      How should I begin?

      I originally thought of a portal but that might require different layouts. So how could I print all schools at once?


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          Much depends on design details not shared in your initial post, but this sounds like something that you can produce with a summary report that includes a "print above" sub summary layout part "when sorted by" class. You should be able to put fields in this part that identify a particular class in order to turn this part into a "sub head" for each class roster.

          In part setup, there are page break options that can cause each such sub summary part to start a new page in order to meet the "each class must begin a new page" requirement.

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            Here is an example of the target results. On the summary report how can I limit the number of students, shown in portal in attached example, to 7 per page. And the upper portion must print on every page. I have the supervisor info and date on footer.