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    How to Print the Database Design Report



      How to Print the Database Design Report


      Is there any way to print portions of the Database Design Report?  The data within the report is really great but sometimes I need a hard copy for my analysis.  Thanking you in advance, Kim  :)

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          I assume you've opened the HTML version of the report with a web browser application. I thought you might be able to use print preview and select pages for printing, but that didn't seem to work with Internet Explorer.


          I was able to copy text from the report and paste it into MS Word. That's one approach that will work.


          1. Click at the beginning of the portion you want to print.
          2. Scroll to the end of the portion.
          3. Hold down shift and click at this point to highlight the text.
          4. Copy the text to the clip board
          5. Paste it into Word and print.
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            I'm sorry I forgot to give some details.  The report only generates HTML, I never saw any options otherwise.


            I am using a Mac OS 10.5.6 and Firefox, I have already tried highlighting, copying & pasting into Word, all the text is there but not as a user friendly report, it's ugly...


            Is the solution tied to Internet Explorer?  I do not have IE on my MAC.


            Thanking you in advance for your time and efforts,


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              Since I am using windows, IE and MS Word were the logical choices for me and I get a nice clean paste into work (table format and all). I hoped that would work for you. Perhaps a Mac user or an FMI tech can suggest an option.


              Have tried the print preview options for Firefox? That approach didn't work for IE, but maybe it'll work for your browser app.

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                Thank you for your posts.


                I just tried this with Firefox, and I was only able to print one page.  However, if I use Safari, I am able to see all pages of the Database Design Report.  From that, I can select the page range, or I can save to PDF and print later.  I don't have Internet Explorer on my Mac.


                When you first save the Database Design Report, the default is set for HTML.  You can also select XML.


                If you are familiar enough with HTML, you can select the portions of the report you want to display, open it with a browser and print.  If you are unfamiliar with HTML, let me know the names of the files in the folder that was created, what you want to print out, and I'll give you instructions how to do this.



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                  Thank you!  This solution is perfect, it is exactly what I was looking for... thank you!


                  Kim  :)