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How to produce an email that contains merged field

Question asked by mwtse on Aug 4, 2009
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How to produce an email that contains merged field


Hi all,


I'm new to filemaker, so I'm having a little trouble searching for an answer to this seemingly easy and standard usage. I appreciate any help.

I just want to send emails to a list of recipient telling each one some specific information that is different from each one. I could manage to do so by using File>Send Mail... menu, however, I could not figure out how to format the message body, the following is what I've tried:
"Dear " & Name & ", "
"Your score is " & Score & "." 

The resulted email looks like this:


Dear XYX, Your score is 78. 

I do not know how to put the text in an newline and the syntax is ugly. I'm sure there should be an easier way to do this kind of thing but I just could not find out where should I begin. Would somebody tell me where should I look at the manual so to figure out how to it in the "Filemaker's way"? 


Thanks for reading.