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How to reconcile two lists?

Question asked by RandyStankey on May 17, 2011
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How to reconcile two lists?


FileMaker Pro Advanced 10

Have two lists:

1) 1,300 records.  Basic mail list - Name, Address, C/S/Z, etc.

2) 58,000 records.  Exported from voter registration database.  Has similar fields to above plus several others which I don't need.

Imported both lists into FM database as two tables.  ("Main List" & "Voter List")

Want to reconcile "Main List" with "Voter List" such that a name on the "Main List" can be verified against "Voter List."

If name/address, etc. on "Main List" matches name on "Voter List" then I want to:

1)  Mark name on "Main List" as "Verified."

2)  Set field "Main List:Political Party" to be same as similar field in "Voter List"  (e.g.  Democrat, Republican, Independant, etc.)

How can I do this?  I assume it's going to be with scripting.  Otherwise, I am stumped.


Randy S.