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    How to reconnect media/video files



      How to reconnect media/video files


      If I have moved my database to another computer, which contains video files (I have also moved these), which all originate from 2-3 folders, how do I reconnect those files when it says "The file cannot be found."


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          Best method is to replicate the same Volume or drivelettter/folder/folder/filename structure that existed on your first computer. Then everything should be connected.

          Another option is to figure out the change that needs to be made to the filepath of all your records so that the change in the filepath will point to the correct location and file on your new computer, then use Replace Field Contents on the container field to update the file path. You can treat a container field just like it was a text field, but you'll need to see the current file path data and figure out the calculation that will make the needed change.

          You may find it helpful to temporarily place a calculation field next to the container field that displays the filepath info. Define a calculation field that returns text, put the name of the container field as the sole calculation term, then place this field on your layout sized so that you can see multiple lines of text.

          A third option is to re-insert the file each time you see this error message inside the container field.