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    how to refresh a layout?



      how to refresh a layout?


      Hi guys,

      I am fairly new to filemaker and (amongs others ;-)) have the following issue:

      from a base layout (let's call it Layout A) I switch to another layout "B" which gets its data from different tables based on a number of relational links between those tables. If I now change an input cell either in layout B or in layout A, some fields of layout B are updated instantly, whereas others (mainly those who are subject to caculations) are not. The only workaround is to always manually go to the menu (or use the keyboard shortcut) for a manual refresh. I tried to get over it by simply adding another line to the script which brings up the window like "refresh window" (sorry I don't know the english script language as my version is in German) but it doesn't work out.

      Does anybody have an idea how this can be solved?

      many thanks in advance


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          What kind of calculations are not updating automatically? If these are fields of type calculation, they should update automatically whenever the data is changed.

          If they are auto-entered calculations, they may not update automatically. To start, make sure that "Do not replace existing values..." is cleared. That will help for some calculations here. However, if the calculation refers to a field in another record or table, the calculation will not update when the value in this field from another record is changed.

          If these are summary fields from a related table, you will need do what you are already doing and that is to use Refresh Window. In some cases, you can replace the summary field from the related table with a calculation field defined in the parent table that uses an aggregate function such as sum, count, average, etc. These calculation fields often update more smoothly than a summary field from a related table.