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How to relate tables to a multi-line form

Question asked by deathrobot on May 19, 2014
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How to relate tables to a multi-line form


     I have a table whose sole purpose is to fill out an extensive form. Its records are children of a table called "Projects":

     Projects ---< Forms

     On each form, I have 15 places where I have to list People. The form looks like this:

     Person 1 (LEADER)
     Person 2
     Person 3
     Person 12
     Person 13 (ARRANGER)
     Person 14 (ORCHESTRATOR)
     Person 15 (COPYIST)

     I always list someone as LEADER and someone as ARRANGER. For Persons 2-12, there could be any number of people. And, each person can be listed more than once (e.g. person A could be listed as LEADER and also 1-4 additional slots).

     I assumed I would connect this Forms table to my People table with a join table, like this:

     Forms ---< Listed >--- People

     But I'm not sure if this is the best way to handle this. I would like to be able to see Forms associated with each person when looking at a layout in the People table, but…

     1) I will have multiple/duplicate entries for each person, so would need to deal with that when viewing the Listed records from the People table

     2) Would I need to have dedicated fields for LEADER, ARRANGER, ORCHESTRATOR, and COPYIST, and use a portal for Persons 2-12?

     3) Or is there some better way to do this?

     Thank you,