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How to relate tables via intersection table??

Question asked by riya on May 22, 2010
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How to relate tables via intersection table??


I am using FileMaker Pro 7, on windows vista .


I am creating a database for a department. The tables are as below


Student, Team, events, advisor, title,semester, class,Degree

intersection tables are:


Adv_Til , Stu_Degree, STu_Team...


I am a newbie in filemaker world.Now what i want to know is as below:



I have these intersection tables and i have connected them using the relationship graph.How do i actually make connections between these tables so that i am able to display the related records through a portal?


Till now what i have been able to do is very cumbersome, ie. i have been connecting the primary keys of the tables via the intersection table literally


Example: Take two tables Advisor and Title(Advisor can have title like , Faculty Advisor for example)  tables , i entered the records in these tables.


Now , i want to connect them through the intersection table Adv_Til. This table has the foreign keys  i.e primary keys of the Advisor and Title tables.

What i did is in the Adv_Til table , i entered the advisor's primary key against the title's primary key , as per what title the advisor holds.Only after doing this could i connect these two tables.But i guess  that this might not be the way.


Is there a way that the records from two tables get related automatically in their  intersection table , without doing what i did?? OR is my way the correct way to relate the records.


I need an answer to this question , as my method is taking a hell lot of time, and i don't think a database should make one do so much work!!


Please someone answer................................................