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How to remove a PDF document from Container Field?

Question asked by gregew on Sep 4, 2013
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How to remove a PDF document from Container Field?


     I seemed to have gotten myself into a bind.  I created a container field with Data Formatting set to Interactive Content (PDF), but because I've not yet fully figured out how this type of field works, whatever I did wrong I can't seem to reverse.  Each time I move from record to record, a "Content Preparation Process" window opens and the document seems to load into a temporary cache or something. Going from record to record triggers the same action, reloading the same files all over again!

     I'd like to remove the contents of this field in all records so I can start fresh, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that.  The container field seems to have an Adobe reader program embedded in there that 'boots up' and loads into it the PDF file each time I go to the record on that Form.  And I can't select the contents to clear, cut or delete the PDF either on Form View or Table View.

     First, please help me to get rid of the contents of this field, and then, secondly, maybe point me to a help file that's not too dense so a non-developer like me can figure out how to properly handle a container field so I can insert these PDFs with the proper settings.  I've been reading all my manuals and all the FMPro online help I could find, but to no avail.

     I'm working in FMPro 12 Advanced (on a single Windows computer, no group access) and want to keep these PDF files in the program solution itself, not in some external source (I have the field set this way), because there are not that many of them, they are not that large and I don't care how large my solution gets--I'd like to eventually create a runtime and by clicking on the container field in a particular record open up the particular PDF file to read.