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    How to remove Context Menu Access



      How to remove Context Menu Access


      Hi, I´m trying to limit field modifications like font style, size, etc. but even if I toggle toolbars off, there´s still the option of RIGHT-CLICK the mouse and all the options that you can´t see in the toolbar are right there, so the user is able to still change thigns.  Or is there a better or easier way to limit/block the user from changing a fields format ?? I need the user to be able to edit/modify the contents of fields, BUT not modify its formating.

      Thanks for all your support.

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          With FileMaker Advanced, you can set up custom menus with the text style/size editing options removed. This should remove these options from teh file menu.

          Here is another options many developers use:

          They add the following auto-enter calculation to each such field and then clear the "do not replace existing values" option:

          TextFormatRemove ( self )

          It strips all text formats from any text entered into the field. This also, on mac systems, keeps users from pasting formatted text into the field.