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    How to Remove Password



      How to Remove Password


      I have a password set up on a Layout, I could not find a way to remove the password, ie I want to unprotect it... Please offer your wisdom to assist me... Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!

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             Layouts do not have passwords natively. I am not quite sure what you mean.
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            Thanks for the note... 


            When I go to "Open Remote" to open up a Database ( or called Layout ), it pop up a window for User Name & Password, I have the info, no issue there... I am wondering if I could remove the password, so that I do not have to enter ID and Password every time... Hope I am being clear this time, thanks in advance for your help... Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

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                 You can set up the default user account and password but then that would be for all the users. Do you have multiple users? If so, you may want to go with an opener file.
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                Yes, I am the Admin Control, 3 other " Data-Entry " Users, so I actually figured out to post one of their ID and password ( say Jane Doe ) as Default, and it opens up without asking for ID and password, which solves the issue...


                But is there a future issue you could foresee with the set up of all 3 of their default as " Jane Doe " when each of the account is actullay belongs to individual users Charles Brown - Brad Pitt - George Clooney      ...  Thanks

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                     like I said, use an opener file. If you do a quick search on the net or FileMaker, you will find info on how to set one up.
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                    Thanks for the advice, I reviewed the following step-by-step instructions on "opener", unfortunately the instructions are unclear...

                    Please help me to resolve this issue, thank for your patience... See below comments...


                    Step-by-step instructions: 

                    1. Make sure the networked database is open on the host in multi-user mode. The host should always be the machine on which the file resides.
                    2. On one of the guest machines, create a new file. This will be your "opener". Call it something like OpenFile.fp7, where File.fp7 is the name of the file on the network that you'd like to open. In the Define Database dialog, just click OK; you don't need to define any fields. --- the guest machine, is a "Data-Entry" in my case, the guest has no right to edit anything, what does it mean by  " create a new file "??  Is it just "copy" the file that we are working on and just name it as per what it said above ??
                    3. Go to the Script menu and choose ScriptMaker. Create a new script called Open Files. --- because of the status of the guest, on her machine, it does not have create script feature, so this #3 steps contradict step #2 in my own opinion... Due to this issue, the balance of the steps cannot be performed...
                    4. From the list of available steps, double-click on Open File from the steps listed under Files. The Open File step will appear in the right-hand box. From the Specify pull down menu to select a FileMaker Pro database to open. Choose Add File Reference to locate and select a filename.  Select a remote host by clicking the Remote button and selecting it from your list of hosts or entering the network path.  You will then select a database from the list on the right and clicking the Open button.  After selecting a file, it is added to the Specify list. Choose Define File References to modify or delete a file reference you've already added to the list. If you'd like to open several files at once, use this process to create a similar Open step for each file to be opened. Next, from the list of available steps, under Files, choose Close File. You don't need to specify a file to close. Click OK, and then click OK again to exit ScriptMaker.
                    5. Choose File Options from the File menu, then Open/Close tab. Click "When Opening this file… Perform Script" and specify the script you have just created. Additionally you select the option to "Log in using" and select either a Guest Account or a specific Account Name and Password if you have password protected the file and would like the file automatically opened using a particular account. When done click OK, then close your new "opener" file.
                    6. Double-click on your "opener" to be sure it works the way you expect it to.
                    7. Put the "opener" in a convenient place on your desktop. It is now ready to use.
                    8. A copy of this "opener" can also be given to other guests.
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                      1. Create a new, blank file, no tables, fields or data of any kind required. The key features will be scripts and file-options you add to this file.
                      2. You, the developer, who does have full access privileges should follow the steps you posted to modify the above file into an "opener" file. Since you have full access, you can do all the steps spelled out here. Your guests will simply open this file to be automatically connected to the networked file.