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    How to remove revert record button



      How to remove revert record button


      Hello experts, 

      I have field  which need to be validated by 2 rules :

      01. field can  accept only digits
      02. field can accept only 2 digits.

      and when the validation fail it gives me error message with the possible option to revert record. I do not want to revert record , i  want to remove that revert record feature  from that default validation fail message.


      How can i do that ? Thanks for your time.

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          Seems odd.  Why would you want validation, then not use it.  The purpose of validation is to help with data integrity.  If you don't want the validation, turn it off, and use an OnObjectExit trigger with a script to validate that has error capture set to on, and uses a simple dialog box that allows you to accept the data.

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            i would guess that you don't want the revert record button because it is too drastic, taking the user back to starting all over entering data when the error is just in a single field. Instead of onObjectExit, I would recommend using a script with OnObjectValidate as the trigger to do your own validation on this field. 

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              Thank you Steve and Phil,


              I am not trying to avoid the validation, all i need to remove the revert record button when the validation fails.

              Q1:  How can i let users to enter only  numerical values to field  ? and validate  what users enter from scripts ? (If i can do that , i can control it with script steps i suppose. am i right ?)

              Ex: If users enter nun numerical values then all i need to give some notification without letting revert record.

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                I am not suggesting that you remove any validation nor avoid it. I am suggesting that by using a script to enforce this, you can do so far more gracefully than what the user will see if a validation error message pops up.

                Table::Field = Filter ( Table::Field ; 9876543210 )

                is  a test that will only be true if the data entered is strictly the numeric digits from 0 to 9. Add the - sign and decimal point and you can validate on floating point values.

                A similar test is: GetasNumber ( table::Field ) = Table::Field, but only if the field is a text field.