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    How to replace message with custom?



      How to replace message with custom?


           This is the message that I get when I try to type info in a field that I have set validation options on. How can I get my own menu that does the job of this and reverts the field. I want the use never to see this menu just my own custom that accomplishes the same. I guess it is a script step or steps, if anybody know the links to learn more or just ways to do it that would be helpful. Thanks


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               On the same tab where you selected this option, There's a box where you can enter a custom validation message. This message is literal text only and the user still gets the Revert and Ok buttons (Though you can disallow user overrides to get rid of OK.)

               A scripted approach would be to set up on the OnObjectValidation script trigger to perform a script before this validation rule can kick in and display a dialog.

               And even better approach, if possible, is to use value lists or other methods to restrict the user's data entry to only valid possibilities so that they cannot enter an invalid value in the first place.