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    How to replace one Layout with another Layout



      How to replace one Layout with another Layout


      I have an odd dilemma.  I have one version of a layout that I would like to replace with another.  Renaming the original one from "Main" to "Main Old" and renaming a "Main New" to "Main" does save them with different names, but all my scripts appear to have references automatically changed to follow the original name.  Scripted actions that referred to "Main" now refer to "Main Old".  Is there a way to not have references automatically "fixed"?

      Any advice on how to replace an old layout with a new one without having to go into several scripts to re-adjust references?




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          Backup your database, either Save As Smaller or Save Clone.

          Open the Backup, Delete everything on Main Old and copy paste everything on Main New.

          Any fields that are common to the two layouts will have data, any fields that are not in the Table that is displayed on the layout will have to be adjusted.

          All scripts should work if the new layout format.

          A layout is an object in the database and the relevant scripts point to that particular layout.

          Backup your database regularly, especially when editing the design.