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How to retain filter when performing find or sort

Question asked by AaronHam on Jun 6, 2013
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How to retain filter when performing find or sort


     My database includes a field called "Active", which specifies whether the record is active or not.  If the record is active, the value for the field will be  "Active".

     I have a script set to run when opening the layout which will only find records that are active.  As soon as a user clicks the Find to search within the report for specific data, it shows all data, not just the ones listed as active.

     Is there a way to force this script to run and limit records to only showing the "Active" data when a find is performed?

     In the layout setup I have this script enabled in Browse, Find, and Preview on OnLayoutEnter and OnViewChange events.

     If someone performs a find, the script does not run and the only way to get the "report" back to normal is to leave it and open it again.