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How to save ALL record content to a file?

Question asked by pnoe on Apr 8, 2013
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How to save ALL record content to a file?




     I am a Physician Assisant and ex-Software Engineer and new to FileMaker Pro.  I'm attempting to create a mobile Electronic Medical Record application using FileMaker Pro, GoZync and cloud FileMaker Server.  

     Since the facilities that my company rounds at are still on paper, I want to create a hard copy of the patient's Progress Notes to go into the paper patient chart (three ring binder).  It'd be nice to just Save Records as PDF but the field content can be variable and can get 'cut off'.  It seems more like a screen shot than saving entire content to a PDF.  What would be the best way to creat a file with ALL the record content?  I need a file for my current working solution because I then attach it to an email for efaxing to the facilities fax machine (essentially using it as a printer).

     Can anyone give me some pointers?  Some direction to go or functionality to look at to accomplish this?

     Thanks in advance for your help.