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    How to save or re-use "other color" for fills?



      How to save or re-use "other color" for fills?


      When I create an "other color" for a fill, and then want to match that color for an existing object, how do I do that? The fill palette seems to retain a newly created "other color" from an immediate prior use, but I'm not seeing how to apply it.



      FMP10, Mac OS 10.5.6

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          Try using the Format Painter (button on the standard toolbar or Format menu).


          To apply an object's attributes to other objects:

          1.In Layout mode, select the object with the attributes you want to apply.


          2.Click the Format Painter button  on the Standard toolbar, or choose Format menu > Format Painter.

          Tip   If you want to apply attributes to several objects that are not close enough to select by dragging, lock the Format Painter button by double-clicking it in the toolbar.


          3.Do one of the following: 

          To apply the attributes to a single object, select the object you want to change.

          To apply the attributes to multiple objects, drag to select all the objects to which you want to apply the attributes.


          Note   To turn off or unlock the Format Painter, press Esc.