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    How to schedule events in filemaker



      How to schedule events in filemaker


      Hi I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind explaining or even pointing me to a link explaining how to schedule events in filemaker pro 10.


      ie Call person in 2 weeks. I've seen some filemaker extensions such as seedcode, ninjacal, FM Butler but I have no idea how they work. We're trying filemaker pro 10 and if we like buying. it says on the filemaker pdf features sheet that you can organize events, to dos, etc. but we cannot figure out how to do this.


      Thank you.

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          Ok, I called tech support and she suggested to create a new file and choose "event management" from the templates. I did that and she also suggested I try importing my old data (because I have over 200 records in the old file) into it. I did this, but it really didn't work. There are 207 (empty) records under the "event" tab, and 0 records in the "contacts" tab.


          However I feel like I'm getting closer. Can anyone tell me if I can add an events tab to my existing filemaker contacts file? Hope this makes sense. Thank you.



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            Your scheduled events is simply going to  be one or more additional tables for filemaker to manipulate according to how you choose to design your system.


            Yes, you can "add a tab", but helping you make it work would require more info than you've shared at this point.


            Do you want:


            A calender of upcoming events?


            Automatic reminders that pop-up x days, hours, minutes before the event?


            Do you want your events listed in a simple list organized by date, time and/or priority?


            Do you want to see it in actual "calendar" grid?


            All of this is possible with filemaker. Some may be available to you "off the shelf", others may require some design work by you.

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              Ok thanks for the reply.


              Well, I don't know perhaps this is too complicated for me to figure out. I was hoping to find something to use on our macs that could help manage events, as in give us a reminder of any kind when it might be a good time to contact someone back, as set by us when we make the record.


              If someone could recommend a way to do this with filemaker or perhaps another software that would be easy to do this that would be great! 


              Thanks :)