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How to script : portal rows records to be duplicated Fmp12

Question asked by Kaorin on Mar 12, 2013
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How to script : portal rows records to be duplicated Fmp12


     I work in Fashion company and want to create a “MANUFACTURING SPECIFICATION SHEET” – so that the factories know what type of trims are used and how / where to be applied on a garment quickly and clearly. - I have uploaded an image of the plan FYI to help understand below more clearl.

     We use the same pattern block (or “Style”) for numerous type of fabric. Ie) a Style_ID “JK001” 2-button borelo Jacket will be launched in 5-10 different fabrics. The ideas is that if I entre (or create) the Components & Trims of JK001 once, next time I create a specification sheet for the same Style_ID JK001 for a different fabric, the Components & Trims information (or records) will be duplicated, but with ability to slightly modify at the same time!

     JK001 Jacket comes in 2 fabrics: Tweed and Leather. For the Tweed it comes in Grey and Navy colours, and each colourway of the jacket need to be specified so that the correct colours of trims are applied on the jacket. The jacket has 2 x 20mm metal buttons with a Trim_Code BTM1CM

     Then the JK001 in Leather – this should have same components and same application but I decide that I want to use 2 different kinds of buttons (different Trim_Code's) in the leather jacket to make it different look form Tweed version. So rather than:

        BUTTONS     x 2     20mm     BTN1CM      Front body placket


     I want to be able to AMEND the records in this portal raw without affecting a “template” Components & Trims:


      BUTTONS     x 1     20mm     BTN1CM      Front body top button

      BUTTONS     x 1     20mm     SHANK1      Front body bottom button


     I have visual plan of how the files / tables / portals should look like, but I don’t know how I can do the above.I obviously need to create more tables with list of components per Style_ID/Fabric_ID – but I don’t know what I should do next – do I need to set up a Script? Or is there any other way around to set this up? Please guide me or help me to understand the file set up / relationship / scripts etc..

     Sorry if my explanation is confusing. Any suggestion is much appreciated.

     Thank you.