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How to scroll to the end in a web viewer

Question asked by ArmutElma on May 7, 2014


How to scroll to the end in a web viewer



     I'm using web viewer as an alternative to scrollable text field where user is not allowed to change the content. But what I'd like to do is as soon as the user lands on the sliding panel that contains the web viewer, I'd like it to scroll to the end, rather than user scrolling down to view it. I've tried Window Scroll and Set Selection (separately) as script triggers on layout enter but it doesn't work, probably mostly because I don't know what I'm doing and/or Web Viewer doesn't allow it.

     What I'm really trying to do is to imitate a conversation. So I placed a sliding panel with enough panels to hold the conversation. First panel starts with a "Hello" and user needs to select a response. On the second panel, depending on what the user had input, another response is created. I'm using web viewer to contain the history of the "conversation". But because the conversation will go on a bit, it gets lengthy. So the last computer generated response is always at the bottom and user needs to scroll down and they might miss it and understand what they're supposed to do. Is there a way to make the web viewer to scroll to the bottom every time? 

     I've tried reversing the conversation, so the last response appears at the top but it seemed to confuse people, mostly because we're programmed to read bottom down.

     Any help is much appreciated.