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how to search through a database of emails?

Question asked by MichaelLevin on Dec 5, 2010
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how to search through a database of emails?


I'm new to FM and am looking for some advice. I need to move a huge database of emails (currently in Entourage, which has an unstable database engine) to a stable, solid system. I found two programs that convert email databases into FileMaker databases. But, I find the result not particularly convenient for search.  I need to be able to find emails in this huge archive by any string they contain or by date. I'm hoping this is just due to the fact that I don't know how to use FM properly, or perhaps there's a new way to look at the data that is easy to implement. Before I decide to (or not to) use FM for this, could someone tell me: is it possible to view a list of email messages (a very long list - about 25 Gigs worth) the way it's viewed in most mail programs: there's a search field somewhere above the list of all emails. You fill in whatever fields you want to search (or use boolean expressions in this search field) and then the list of all emails (database records) gets pruned to only those matching it, and you can double-click on them to see them in detail. Is this something that can easily be added to a FM database - if I get all my emails into FM, is it easy to immplement that sort of "front end" way to search it, or is what I want really difficult?

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