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    How to send email



      How to send email


      I am new to filemaker and just want to know how I can send emails to my 500 customers, message is the same for all of them but I would not like them to view each other email addresses. I mean it should be sent as indivisual email.

      I am using filemaker 7 and 8.


      Please advice in easy words as I am new

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          Sending email is easy. At least on MsWindows.  Just plug the 

          SendMail command into a script. It lets you hard-code the

          usually information ( subject, body, To: and an attached file) or it will take this information from fields you specific. 

            I usually build my email body in a selected field by combining script-defined text and some field values.  Then send the email, loop around and build the next one.

             The comand uses your computer-defined default email program to send out the emails.

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            Thanks Gary,

            But I want to send same email to 100 customers and I wish that they could not see each other email address.


            When I tried by just testing the email its shows other recipients email addresses as well.



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                 Just put all addresses into the Bcc field and only put your own into the To field. That way all your client email addresses will remain hidden.
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                   thanks a lot but what if I want to use my gmail account instead of outlook express
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                  send email from fmp using my gmail account??? need help

                  gmail works and

                  filemaker works

                  how do I make gmail account work from fmp when I click send email from fmp

                  have yet to solve issue

                  settings to establish gmail as default take me to outlook using explorer 7

                  I can't be the only one using gmail from fmp and not getting correct incoming and outgoing server.


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                    Thank you for your post.


                    When you use the Send Mail script step, it defaults to the local Email application.  In your instance, it is selecting Microsoft Outlook.  Instead, select "SMTP Server" from the pop-up and you can then specify the gmail server.  The SMTP Server was introduced in FileMaker PRo 10, so if you have an earlier version, you won't have this option.



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                      Sending emails to your customer mail list may be better accomplished by using www.madmimi.com or www.mailchimp.com or www.constantcontent.com


                      They allow recieptients to remove themselves from the list.

                      They track who opens the email.

                      They allow recieptients to forward the email to their friends.

                      They are relatively inexpensive - $5 to $25 per month.

                      MailChimp and MadMimi  allow 100 for free (good for testing) 

                      They allow fairly fancy html email.

                      They provide storage space for images.


                      You can view my second madmimi emal here