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How to send letters by email

Question asked by sundown on Jun 16, 2013
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How to send letters by email



     Phil, I need help. I thought I had the emails working, but found a problem I can't understand. While testing, I am sending the pdf file to my own email address. Running the script from the Host FM database file on my iMac & checking my mail on the iMac & macbook, all is well. The email is received with the attachment. I also get one of the multible  pdf files (not all) in the folder where the file is located. When I re-email the same files, the same pdf file replaces the previous one.

     I enable this file on the Filemaker Network.  I  went to my macbook & opened the file from the remote network. I tested the email script from the remote file by sending the email to my same email address. I checked the email , and the pdf attachment is not there. The attachment seems to only work correctly from the host computer & not from the remote network file. Do you know what is happening?

     Here is the script I am using:

Set Variable [ $FileName ; Value: "Invoice.pdf" ]

Save Records as PDF [ Restore; No dialog ; "$FileName" ;Current record ]

Set Variable [ $PDFPath ; Value: Get (DocumentsPath) & $FileName ]

Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client ; No dialog; To: "" ; Subject: "Invoice" ; Message: "Test" ; "$FileName" ]