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How to separate lists

Question asked by weedonpaul on Jul 7, 2015
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How to separate lists


I have a list of over 12000 contacts, over 2000 of those belong to one or more lists. In the past I had a field with a list of all the lists they belong to. For example contact1 may belong to 5 lists so in that field there will be the name of all 5 lists. I have learnt that this is not a good way to manage this. so I have redone this separate tables. So that I can change the records to the new system I want to extract the contact ID and the list field into excel, but is there away to split the list so that instead of 1 contact ID having 5 items it has the same contact ID 5 times with each item on the list separated

I realise that explaining this is like swimming in syrup, but hopefully you can follow my problem