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How to separate my data from a database which holds print layouts, scripts, data entry, etc.

Question asked by HowardRathbun on Dec 3, 2010
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How to separate my data from a database which holds print layouts, scripts, data entry, etc.


My first database in FileMaker includes three tables (containing only data) and a bunch of layouts for data entry, data editing, print layouts, data display layouts and dozens of scripts for analysing the data and operating the layouts.  It works quite well but it is still a work in process.

The bigger project consists of several sets of data where each set consists of three tables (table1, table2, and table3).  All table1's are identical in field names and structure but differ only in the number of records and data contained.  Tables 2 and 3 are similar.

My problem is how to switch from one data set to another.  I tried adding Table Occurances from another file using File -> Manage -> Database -> Relationships Tab and selected a file where the table occured.  This table occurance (TO) appeared on the relations graph with the table title in italics and shows a list of the fields in that table.  So far so good. (It would be a big help if the icons at the bottom of this layout where titled or named when the cursor moved over them)

I then looked at the Tables tab and discovered that the 3 TOs where not listed.  If I tried to add a TO to the list of tables, I discovered that a new table, TO 2, was displayed in the relationship graph but had nothing to do with the first TO I added.  I then went to Manage -> Layouts and was able to define layouts for each of the 3 TOs.  However, when I went to each of the 3 layouts, the display showed multiple records but the field names were missing and all the data was marked as missing.  Even so the record counter displayed the correct number of records for each of these tables.  In addition, none of the scripts would work because any references to these three TOs just said "missing table" or "missing field".

I think I should use TOs for data separation but am not coming close to making it work.  I did this in my prior DB system (MS Access) using Attach and Detach which worked very simply so I hope I can do the same thing here.