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How to sequence locations

Question asked by PeterMontague on Jun 9, 2012
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How to sequence locations


I have inherited an inventory of books in a warehouse. I have imported the locations of the books which are stored chaotically in an excel file using the import function. The locations are name as follows: 3b1, 3b2, 3b3 etc. this stands for bay 3, column b,  box1, 2, 3 etc. with box one stacked on top of box 2 etc. the lower the box number the easier it is ti find the book. To find a book in box 10 would require removing nine boxes from on top. We have many copies of each title and many titles are stored in multiple locations. My location field often looks like this: 3b3, 3b7, 14c1. I would like to sequence the locations based on the number following the last letter in the location code. I know replacing the comma by a carriage return may be a good staring point: what then?Any ideas?