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How to set a record to a particular week?

Question asked by WilliamdelaMaza on Mar 7, 2011
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How to set a record to a particular week?


I've got a table that monitors employee attendance during the week. The work week for this particular table begins each Thursday. Currently I've got two fields that handle date information. The first is an auto-enter field (Week_start) in which the current date is entered, the other is a calculation field that adds 6 days to the former date in order to have a week (this field is called Week_end). The problem am facing now is that if a new employee is hired during the week, say on Monday, the week for this particular new employee record is going to begin on Monday and end on Sunday, disrupting my data completely. What I need for this to work, is a way to automatically set the Week_start to the nearest past Thursday so that all records begin their week on Thursday independently of the day the employee record is created. How can do this?