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how to set Filemaker pick up internal IP

Question asked by PoxinWang on Jul 6, 2013
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how to set Filemaker pick up internal IP



     How could I set filemaker to use internal IP instead of external IP?

     The open remote only work when I have host and clients PC all connect to internet and the file is publish to web. Then when I turn on Network Sharing, it shows TCP/IP Address:; 192.168.1.x on the host PC. I have to type in the on my clients open remote setting to share this file. 

     How could I set up so filemaker share in the network without on the internet? I would like it use the internal IP instead of external IP since the external IP is dynamic and the internal IP is fixed by setting the IPv4 in each PC.  

     PS. My host and clients PC run win7 and they are connect with a hub( not a router). They all set under the same work group so that they are in the same network and files could be shared. 

     I am really appreciate any help I can get since I been trying to solve this for days. I'll have to give up use filemaker if ths problem can't solve because apply a different IP to share the file everyday just not ideal.