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    How to set up automatic email notification?



      How to set up automatic email notification?



      Is it possible to set up an automatic email notification in FM Pro Advanced 12?

      The desired situation;

      when a record is added, deleted or changed, all database users (5) will receive a notification per email.

      The email doesn't have to reflect all the information, but at least a link or record ID to easily find the new/adjusted record.

      If this is possible, how do I set it up?

      Thank you in advance for any advice on this matter!


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          You can script this if you add a table for managing the emails so that you don't get multiple emails for the same change to a record.

          You can add a field to your record that auto-enters the current timestamp each time a record is modified. You can use the OnRecordCommit to perform a script that checks this information and the added "email log" table to determine that the record is new or newly changed. This script can send out an email to that effect using the send mail step. It would then log the record's serial number and timestamp info so that commiting the record without changing anything does not send out an email

          To email notifications when a record is deleted, you'd need to have your users use a script to delete the record and it could include code to send out an email. If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can use a custom menu that replaces the standard delete record option with on that performs your script. If you don't have Advanced, you can use manage | Security to prohibit record deletion for non full access users and then put a delete button on the layout that runs your delete script with the "run with full access privileges" option selected so that they can only delete a record via your script that also sends out a notification.