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    How to set up key term searchs?



      How to set up key term searchs?


           I want to make key term searches possible for individual records of law cases, but cannot see an easy way to do this from the Help menu. My thought is that a field in each record lists its terms of significance. But I'm not sure after that where to go. Is there a way to have that field relate to a more universal list of all the key terms within the various cases? If so, how do I get it to function so that you could identify a term from the larger list and then get to the specific record? And, could you do this for multiple key terms:  "search term A" and/or "search term B" and/or "search term C" ?




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               Take a look at the Known Bugs List Database. Expose the status tool bar and select "tutorials" from the layout drop down. (You can also use Manage | Layouts to get to this layout.)

               Note the Keywords text field sitting on the upper tab panel and the Select Keywords drop down list field immediately above it. You can check out the drop down's value list set up in Manage | value Lists and you can use the data tab of the inspector to see a few more of the precised details specified for that value list. The key trick that makes this work is that each return separated entry in the Keywords field produces a separate value in the value list so that the value list lists all keyword entries from all records in the table.

               There's a script trigger on this drop down that performs a find for records that contain the selected key word when you select a new value in the drop down.

               If you are up to speed on scripting and custom functions, there's a more sophisticated application of a keyword search set up for searching out bug reports in this database. It uses a custom function to produce a filtered keyword list from several fields in the FMP Bugs table. When you click a find button, you'll see a small dialog type window appear where you can select multiple keywords in a portal to find all records that contain at least one of the specified keywords.

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            Is there a possible update on this issue? Can I use * or "" for multiple terms within a field?

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              I don't see any issue here. The particular file is now defunct, but the method described--which is not the only option, still works.


              I suggest starting a new thread, identifying the version of FileMaker that you are using and posting a fairly detailed description of what you want.


              You might also use the magnifying glass tool to search this forum for other discussions on "keywords" or "tags". I suspect that you found this very old thread by using the former, but maybe you'll have better luck with the latter.

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                Ok, thanks, phil.