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How to Set Up Note Taking?

Question asked by LauraGeorge on Apr 21, 2014
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How to Set Up Note Taking?


     I have been trying to adjust the CRM template to my needs, including creating a note function that keeps a logged history of my client conversations instead of just a couple notes about the client in general. So I found in the Research template that comes with FileMaker Pro 11, there's is a great tabbed thing with a notes section. I would love to set up something similar with a topic field, a notes field, and the date and time. Plus a button that records the entry. And then a place to easily view all the previous notes. A lot of online CRMs have this capability, so I know it can't be too complicated. But I have no idea how to create that. Any advice?

     I've attached a screenshot of something similar on Highrise, an online CRM. So something like that.