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How to set up table relation btwn people

Question asked by Brae on Feb 5, 2012
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How to set up table relation btwn people & group activities


I created a database and need to fix table relationships that are not working the way I want. Newbie here. This should be simple but I am lost.

The database keeps records of people and in which training activities they have participated. I have a table, People, and a table Training Activities.  

On the form view for data entry on a people layout, I have a portal to show the list of training activities and a field called Participation Status to indicate whether each person participated in each training activity. I have a separate layout with a table view for entering the list of activities by date and description.

Based on the way I set up the table relationships, this is just partly working. The problem is that the records of activities are not showing up in the portal rows. 

(If it's easier to answer my question by looking at the file or a screenshot, I can share this privately.)